Elderly Companions

There is no place like home

If you have found yourself on my page you are probably either here because you are looking for a companion to assist with in home help for yourself or a loved one or you are interested in joining our team.  I thought it was important to share a bit about myself and why I chose to create Elderly Companions and why you are not just dealing with another agency but one that is passionate about aged care and making sure that we deliver the highest level of in home help to our clients.

A few years ago, my mother in law was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  She is also a breast cancer survivor which resulted in a double mastectomy that left her with severe lymphoedema in her arm along with other health issues and falls that frequently resulted in regular trips to the hospital. 

My mother in law’s children reside interstate with their own families and busy lives so like many seniors she could not rely on her family to help her with her day to day activities.  Fortunately she belonged to a large community of amazing friends that worked together to assist her with the things she started to struggle with such as walking her dogs,  preparing some meals, shopping and generally helping as much as they could and somehow still manage to juggle their own busy lives.

The phone calls from her friends starting to filter through to my husband and I, their concerns were that her falls were increasing and they urged us to consider the fact that she may need to move into an aged care facility.

My mother in law had dogs she adored, she loved her independence, her home, her connection to her community and was not ready to go into an aged care facility,  so I volunteered my time to try to access help from the government and privately to try to extend her stay at home for as long as possible.  She needed help with her day to day tasks that were increasingly becoming more and more difficult to achieve by herself, even with the help of her friends.

With my best efforts to try to get her help in the home (from interstate),  I continued to be unsuccessful.  I called ‘my aged care’ almost daily pleading her case and asking them to help her access the level 4 package that had been approved however as much as they could empathise with her situation the wait list expectancy time was 2-4 years.

I managed to access minimal assistance for her, around an hour per day but it was not enough, she simply needed more help.  It took months of calling just about every agency listed (government and private) to try and access more help but I remained unsuccessful, every call lead to a dead end. 

Then one day after many months of trying to get her in home help and a serious fall that left her in the hospital for weeks the tough decision had to be made, she had no choice but to enter an aged care facility.  My mother in law had to sell her home, rehome her dogs and enter a nursing home in her mid 70’s. This was when I realised a significant need that wasn’t being met in the community and decided to create Elderly Companions. 

The experience that I had gained from trying to help my mother in law, my background as an AIN and Enrolled Nurse who worked in Aged Care for many years along with my business administration background, I knew I had the passion, experience and skills to make this work so that I could help others in a similar situation.

I have set the standard that I will not place an Elderly Companion into anyone’s home that I would not place in my own parents or grandparents home.  Elderly Companions have vetted and interviewed our companions extensively and we are confident in our ability to provide outstanding in home help to seniors in our community.

Thank you for going on this journey with us!